Meet the UniCrypt Group & Core Team

Unity Investment AG, based in canton Schwyz, Switzerland, was founded in late 2017 by a team of established businessmen, cyber security specialists, financial sector experts and crypto currency miners and had its initial focus on being an IT services company with the expert ise in delivering high performance crypto mining infrastructures and solutions to customers and clients. Today Unity (now a part or the UniCrypt Group) completely takes care of the maintenance of the required hardware and software infrastructure for the generation of cryptographic currencies based on blockchain technology. To this end, exclusive contracts were signed with long standing and experienced IT partner companies to uphold the highest standards, efficiency and performance.

Since inception, the UniCrypt Group, consisting of several daughter companies, has greatly evolved from a small mining company to being an award winning, fully licensed and regulated financial intermediary and key player in the crypto space in Switzerland and Europe. Along with the company, various launched crypto stable coins (ExaCoins and Aurix Gold) were also verified, approved and audited by various law firms.
Since April 2019, the UniCrypt Group holds over a dozen fully patented patent claims with preliminary patent protection for its unique Hybrid Vault Storage and Custody solution. It sets the standard for all future crypto storage solutions and includes individually segregated wallets for every client for maximum transparency and safety, while leveraging the performance and user experience of a hot wallet with the security of a cold wallet system.

To this extent, the UniCrypt Group has managed to secure partnerships with close to a dozen banks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, strengthening the payment service and liquidity providing solutions to those businesses. Very soon, UniCrypt intends to launch their proprietary, high performance Distributed Ledger Technology, pathing the way for completely new and revolutionized securities trading platforms and global STO Launchpads.

Sean Prescott

Founder & CEO

Alex Fancelli

Senior Partner & CFO

Veronika Prescott

Senior Partner & CCO

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